Why the quality and safety of your goods number one priority is for us

DL has high demands on the quality and safety standards of the goods stored that are stored in our warehouses. In all operations involving your goods, we are keen to meet the strictest requirements. In order for our services to remain meeting the strictest standards, for example, consider storing fruits and vegetables or transporting high value goods. In order for our services to remain compliant with these standards, various (independent) inspections take place every year. As a result, we have been proudly IFS, BRC, SKAL and Chain of Custody certified for many years. In addition on that, all our warehouses are bonded warehouses (IATA). This allows goods to be stored, handled or processed without having to pay import duties (again).

These certifications allow us to help you store goods as well as transport them. For example, we have more than 12,000m3 of cold storage! There is one thing very important for us: monitoring the quality of your goods.

Good to know: the temperature of the cold rooms will be monitored 24 hours a day. Should the temperature deviate once, effective measures are taken immediately.

Would you like to know more about our certifications? Then take a look at the information on this page or contact us.


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