The services of DL Logistics

What can DL Logistics offer you?

Our mission is to relieve small and large companies of all their logistics worries. We do that with more than a hundred employees and seven specialized locations. But it goes beyond that. DL Logistics stands for what we do. This means that we see keeping promises, offering the best quality and customer focus as the foundation of our company. Add to this the smiles of our employees, and DL Logistics is not only an experienced and professional partner, we are also a pleasure to do business with.

Customs clearance

We take care of the paperwork, so that goods can cross borders without hassle.


We specialize in transport for all types of goods, national and international, via land, sea and air.


We have more than 40,000m2 of surface area available for storage of all types of goods.


We understand that it is often impossible to wait any longer. We have the solution with the quickest and cheapest routes.

adding value

We can support you with almost every necessary activity in your logistics process.

Customs clearance

As soon as your goods cross the border or enter the Netherlands from abroad you will have to deal with customs and also therefore (many) documents that have to be completed. We can take care of that for you, saves a lot of hassle…

We are AEO certified and are happy to help you with customs clearance, the preparation of T1- documents and other customs documents that may be required for incoming goods.

We ensure that our employees are constantly kept up to date with the rapidly changing customs clearance regulations.


Transportation by road seems simple, but it’s not. DL Logistics has years of experience and can help you with any transportation issue.

Container transport

The transport of sea containers involves more than just taking a container from A to B. We also manage the necessary documents that come with it.


We are happy to add value to storage.
Because storage is more than just storing goods; ultimately, you prefer to have them with the end user. DL Logistics helps with this.

dl logistics

Fruit & vegetables

DL Logistics has more than 12,000m3 of cold storage. The cold stores have room for 30 to 1250 pallets. The desired temperature can be set for each cell. This makes DL Logistics also interesting if you want to store a small stock of fruit in cold storage.

Our cold rooms can be set to temperatures from -2 to +15 degrees. Besides pallets, we can also place roll containers, pallet boxes and various other storage variants.

All goods are registered by us and are continuously fully traceable. The stock status of your goods is therefore always up-to-date and reliable.

Good to know: the temperature of the cold rooms will be monitored 24 hours a day. Should the temperature deviate once, effective measures are taken immediately.

High value goods

Our High-Value department has years of experience in trading high value goods. By high value goods we mean cell phones, smartwatches, cameras, televisions, electric scooters and robotic vacuum cleaners, among others.

Our high-security warehouse has all the facilities to fully support all your logistics activities.

Examples of activities we can perform for you include:

Fiscal representation
Full cargo inspection
Order picking
Packing and repacking
On hold/release procedure
X-Ray scanning
Distribution and transport

Ultimately, of course, you as the customer decide what high value goods are for you. We will handle all your goods with great care and accuracy.

Dry goods

Dry goods must stay dry. That seems very simple, but still requires expertise. DL Logistics is the party for both small and large quantities of dry goods. We have storage capacity for more than 30,000 pallets. Is more storage space needed in an urgent situation? We always have space for urgent storage.

Organic goods

Our facilities in Bleiswijk, Schiphol-Rijk and Bodegraven have SKAL certification. Organic products therefore retain their organic status when stored with us.

We have more than 12,000m3 of storage space for organic goods. The cells have room for 30 to 1250 pallets. Per cell the desired temperature can be set with a temperature of -20 to +15 degrees calcius.

dl logistics

other goods

You can think of anything or DL Logistics can store it. (As long as it falls within all legal limits, of course ;-)) So do you have an asset that is not listed here that you would like to store? We’d be happy to help. Feel free to contact us.


Whether it’s air freight or sea freight or the far corners of the earth, DL Logistics knows it all.


We understand that if you choose the fastest way to send your shipment, there is no waiting a minute. DL has been a specialist in air freight for many years, so we are happy to take on the organization of this.

With our IATA accreditation and our global network of dedicated agents, we literally offer air freight services without borders.



Thanks to our global network, we transport your ocean freight shipment to and from almost anywhere in the world. We can serve you in these ways: LCL: (Less than container load) both import and export. FCL: (Full Container load) both import and export. LCL – FCL: consolidate by order of customer, and ship as “buyers consol”. FCL – LCL: Loading on location by order, and delivering to multiple final recipients in destination country.

Adding value

We enjoy adding value to storage.
Because storage is more than just putting goods down; ultimately, you prefer to have them with the end user. DL Logistics helps with that.

Packing and repacking

Need help repacking or packing fresh fruit, meat or non-food products? We can pack any product; by piece, as a mix or by weight.

We offer various packaging options for this, such as Flowpack, Netlon, Foodtainer and Girsac. We also have processing lines for sealing cucumbers, eggplants and winter carrots.


Do products still need to be labeled before they go to customers?

No problem at all. Do you want the weight, a barcode, special coding, date and/or logo on them? Feel free to communicate your wishes, and the team at DL Logistics will make sure that the labels (in any language) end up on the finished product in the right way.

order picking

Do you have products in storage in our warehouse? We can prepare (a selection of) these products at box level for shipment to your customer.

Zodra er een bestelling binnenkomt van een distributeur of winkel in Europa, stellen wij deze order samen en zorgen we voor de verzending.

We kunnen dit doen voor ieder soort product.

We are happy to help you further

Have you questions, do you want more information or can we make you happy with a quotation? Feel free to get in touch. 

You will get Danielle on the line or in the mail. She has years of logistics experience and knows exactly how to best serve you.