Adding value

Packing and repacking

Do you need help with the packing or repacking of fresh fruit, meat or non-food products? We can package any product as you want, per piece, as a mix or by weight.

We have many packaging options available, such as Flowpack, Netlon, Foodtainer and Girsac. We also have processing lines for sealing cucumbers, eggplant and carrots.


Products often still have to be labeled before they are sent to the customer. Do you need the weight, a barcode, special coding, date and/or logo printed on the label? If you indicate your wishes, we ensure that it ends up on your label (in your language of choice).

Order picking

If you have various products stored with us we can prepare these products (or a selection of) at box level for shipment to your customer.

We have for example, hundreds of products in our warehouse from a producer of hair care products. As soon as an order comes in from a distributor or a store in Europe, we can put this order together and take care of the shipment.

We can do this for any kind of product.

Danny started at DL in 2009 unloading containers and is now a warehouse manager.