The founders of the DL logistics Group are Jan Dammes and Pieter Laban. We started independently of each other around 1990 and united in 1998, first as Dammes Laban and from 2010 as DL.

DL’s success is based on genuine interest in the customer, not only listening to the customer and trying to match the service to the wishes of the customer, but sharing the passion the customer has for his product.

The basis for this is curiosity. What makes their product better or more outstanding than the product of another? The more we know about the product and the motive of the customer, the better we can connect with the wishes of the customer, but more importantly we can think along, not from a customer relationship, but from a partner relationship.

This is the reason why we at DL believe in smaller branches with small teams. With a small team it is much easier to stay true to our basis, namely, knowing the customer and his product. Our goal is to encourage our employees to remain curious about the customer and his product, not because we have to, but from a genuine interest that fuels the drive to do everything just a little better every day.

At DL we also believe in differentiation, in other words, that every branch has its own specialty and is active in another sector, which is of course why we have several branches.

To date, we have seen that in our 20 year existence that it is precisely by being active in different sectors that branches grow together and can cope with both growth and setbacks by being there for each other. This is exactly the reason why we are such a stable and financially secure company.

With a friendly partner greeting,

The board of DL



In all operations related to your goods, we would like to meet the strictest requirements. Therefore, we attach importance to certificates such as those of AEO, SKAL en BRC. We are also AGP licensed. 


DL Fresh Logistics B.V. 
DL Warehousing B.V.

AGP License

DL Freight Management (Vlaardingen) B.V.

Multiple locations, one mission

DL Freight Management (Amsterdam)

DL Freight Management (Amsterdam)

DL Freight Management (Amsterdam) B.V. is located at Schiphol-Rijk and is engaged in intercontinental transport. For our clients we offer worldwide transportation with the various possibilities for sea freight, air freight and sea/air.

In addition to this we take care of all customs formalities that occur during import and export within and outside the EU.

Lukas Duivenvoorden, branch manager
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DL Freight Management (Rotterdam)

DL Freight Management (Rotterdam)

DL Freight Management (Rotterdam) B.V. is a modern warehouse with 28 docks for handling and storage of various types of goods.

As a forwarding agent we can take care of sea freight shipments from all over the world. Air freight and road transport are both included in our package. We are also specialized in transport to and from Russia and the Baltic states. We have AEO certification for customs and security.

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DL Fresh Logistics

DL Fresh Logistics

DL Fresh Logistics is located on the Greenpark business estate in Bleiswijk and is easily accessible via the A12. This ultramodern conditioned location is specialized in the storage and packaging of fruit and vegetables.

Our 20 cold stores are individually adjustable so that we can store fruit and vegetables according to your wishes between -2 degrees Celsius and +14 degrees Celsius.

In addition to being able to sort and label fruit, we also have extensive packaging options such as Flowpack, Foodtainer, Netlon, Girsac and sealing.

Kaj & Colino, branch managers
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DL Transport

DL Transport

DL Transport specializes in container transport and drives its own fleet to and from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp on a daily basis. In addition to our transport options, we also have an international transport brokerage department in Vlaardingen. We have been working on a broad network for many years and can now proudly say that we can offer a solution for every type of road transport in Europe, for both import and export.

Our team is ready to provide you with a suitable transport solution as quickly as possible.

Raoul van der Pluijm, branch manager
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DL Warehousing

DL Warehousing

DL Warehousing is located on the industrial estate Groote Wetering in Bodegraven, along the A12. This location is BRC, SKAL and AEO certified and specialized in the handling, order picking and storage of large volumes with a high turnover rate. Our storage capacity is more than 10,000 pallets.

Daarnaast We are also strong in preparing and sending (smaller) parcels via the well-known parcel services, loading and unloading containers and shrink packaging.

Kaj & Collin, branch managers
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