New location for DL Logistics Group BV

We are proud to announce that DL Logistics Group BV has a new location as of December 1, 2022! Our branch office DL Freight Management Amsterdam BV has moved to Hoofddorp. This ultra-modern building, close to Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport, allows us to serve our customers even better.

The need for a larger office and warehouse was great, as the number of customers and the number of shipments has increased significantly over the past few years.

With a warehouse of more than 2500m2 in this prime location, we can make great strides with DL.

Our new facility fits the times

DL has an answer to every logistics issue, where we also like to contribute to the issues that lie ahead in the field of sustainability. For example, the new building is gas-free, it runs on solar energy and we have ecologically sustainable walls, consisting of lots of greenery. In addition, it is equipped with all kinds of high-end benefits. For example, the warehouse is equipped with extra security so that all (high-value) goods are safe with us, but it is also more accessible for both visitors and truck drivers. Because Schiphol Airport is right next door, transit times are minimal.

In addition, from January 2023 the High-Value department will also move to this location. As a result, our flexibility in providing all kinds of logistics services for the entire DL Logistics Group has never been greater.


If after reading this article you would like more information about our new location, please visit this page or contact us.


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