This is why certificates as BRC, AEO, SKAL, GlobalG.A.P. CoC and AGP are so important to us

In all operations involving your goods, we at DL are committed to meet the strictest requirements. We constantly aim to deliver top quality, safety, efficiency and reliability to our customers. In order to meet these requirements, certificates such as BRC, SKAL and AGP are very important within the transport and logistics sector.

These certificates enable us to guarantee our customers that we meet the strictest hygiene and quality standards. But what do these certificates mean?

The BRCGS standard

The BRC-S&D certificate, also known as the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for Storage and Distribution, focuses on the safety and quality of products during storage and transport. This food safety standard defines the requirements DL must meet regarding food safety, traceability and quality.

GlobalG.A.P. CoC

GlobalG.A.P. is a standard for the agricultural sector that stands for food safety, sustainability and quality. The GlobalG.A.P. certificate is specially designed to have the traceability from grower to consumer in 1 line and thus more transparency.

A SKAL-certificate

A Skal certificate is a certificate that every company that produces, processes, packages, imports, trades or stores organic products must have. This includes DL. Companies with this certification can demonstrate that they manage their products responsibly.


For companies in international trade, the AEO permit is increasingly a necessary authorization. In addition, the AEO permit is becoming increasingly important as a quality certificate. With it, DL demonstrates that they are part of a secure logistics chain.

DL is an Excisable Goods Location (AGP)

Excisable products include tobacco products, alcoholic products and mineral oils. These products are subject to an additional tax, excise duty. The products can be transported in two ways: excisable (the excise tax has already been paid) and non-taxable (under suspension of payment). As you can imagine, Customs wants to keep an eye on the unaccustomed goods in particular, as they are still owed excise duty. Untaxed transport may only take place between two approved locations. We as DL are one certificated location. But even if you import excisable goods from a non-EU country, you can suspend remittance of the national excise duty. The suspension of the payment of excise duty is done by transferring the goods to DL after the import declaration.

The benefits of these certificates

These certificates allow us to show that DL meets the strongest standards for product storage and transportation. In addition, many companies in the food and beverage industry also require their logistics partners to be certified. It also ensures quality because the requirements of certification are very high. For example, these requirements oversee product safety, hygiene and protecting product quality.

In addition to the above certificates, we have even more certificates.

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