Rates in container liner shipping almost at old levels: what does it mean for DL?

Container liner shipping rates have been falling since the end of the corona pandemic, according to the World Container Index (research firm Drewry). For example, the average price in June (2023) came in at $136. That is almost 80% less than a year ago.

This can be explained in part by the fact that transport demand decreased significantly after the corona pandemic. This is not surprising when you consider that turnover within the logistics sector in 2021 was on average 20% higher than in the same period in 2019. On top of that, supply chain disruptions have been reduced, normalizing container shipping and reducing delays.

For you as a customer is this good news

DL has a global network that allows transportation to almost anywhere in the world. On land, by sea or by air. Because container prices have dropped dramatically in recent months, we can facilitate your (container) transport even more competitively.

Rob Olbertz, Operational Director of DL Logistics Group, stated that “Fortunately, rates in containerized liner shipping have returned to reasonable normal levels and the craziness is over. We expect volatility to remain within reasonable margins in the coming period although it remains dependent on geopolitical influences and global economic developments. DL is keeping a close eye on spot rates so that we get the best deals for our customers.”

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