DL Logistics Group celebrates their 25th year anniversary!

From the old days: Jan Dammes and Pieter Laban posing in front of DL Warehousing

We are very proud to announce that we are celebrating our 25 year anniversary this month! 
We have already celebrated this event with our employees during our corporate event in Blijdorp but we also want to share a little piece of history of DL Logistics Group with you.

On October 4th, 1998, Jan Dammes and Pieter Laban founded DL. It was then called Dammes Laban Logistics. The company consisted of a warehouse and a small office and was located on the Griekenlandweg in Bodegraven. There were approximately 10 employees.

You may know this warehouse now as DL Warehousing. Indeed, the current DL Warehousing is the first DL branch!

In 2005 the following branch was added: Dammes Laban Fruit Logistics. This branch is located in Bleiswijk. We now know this branch as DL Fresh Logistics. As the name suggests we are specialized in the storage and handling of fresh products here.

As Dammes Laban Logistics employed more and more employees and because more and more branches were added it was decided in 2008 to let the head office (Dammes Laban Group) support all the branches. Previously everything was arranged per location (invoicing, HR, etc.), but it worked more efficiently to consolidate those tasks.

In the same year we opened another branch: DL Freight Management Rotterdam BV located in Vlaardingen. This branch focused on the handling of sea freight and the storage of bulk goods.

In the first 10 years the Dammes Laban Group had already grown into a logistics company that could support customers in most logistics areas. An important logistics service in which we were not yet represented was customs services and air freight handling. That is why we opened a new branch located in Schiphol in 2010: DL Freight Management Amsterdam.

This was also the time to rethink our strategy. What started as a company with one warehouse and a small office was now a company with multiple branches and specialized in multiple areas. We decided to present ourselves as DL Logistics Group BV. Our logo was adjusted (to the logo we still use today) and a number of branches were given a new name that fit better into the whole. In addition the branches started to collaborate more with each other.

We now had representation represented in almost all logistical fields. The company grew and became more and more known. After a few years the longing for developing new services started again. What kind of service could we offer to expand our portfolio? In 2017 we have made up our mind: DL Transport was born. Where we previously arranged the transportation of sea freight containers via partners we could now also bring and collect these containers to the port ourselves.


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