Our alternative against the road taxes (MAUT) increase

For years we as DL have been picking up containers at the Port of Rotterdam. The demand for this increased from our customers, which is why we currently (and on an almost daily basis) drive with 12 trucks.

On December 1st 2023 the German government will increase the truck toll by 70-80%. All our trucks are equipped with EURO 6 engines which is the most economical category for diesel trucks. Nevertheless the increase will have consequences for the cost paid by our customers.

As an alternative we offer shipment per barge. Specifically destinations such as Mannheim, Stuttgart, Strasbourg and Basel are popular. In many cases the barge is a good alternative for transport via the road whereby both cost savings are made and the environment is saved.

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Dutch export is growing after a period of contraction

According to research by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Dutch companies exported more goods in recent months than in the same year before. This is an increase of 0.6% which is good news. Especially the export of devices and transport equipment increased. However, fewer food products were exported than a year earlier.

Rob Olbertz, operational director within DL, also sees this as a good first signal: “A well-known Dutch saying is ‘one swallow does not make a summer’. Although 0.6% growth is promising it is also a break in the trend after months of decline.”

However, the total imports of goods did fall 6.2% year-on-year in August, following a 2.2% increase in July. Furthermore, CBS notes that the conditions for exports in October were slightly less unfavorable than in August. This is mainly because the development of real exchange rates, or currency rates adjusted for the increase in the price level of export goods, was less unfavorable.

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DL Logistics Group celebrates their 25th year anniversary!

From the old days: Jan Dammes and Pieter Laban posing in front of DL Warehousing

We are very proud to announce that we are celebrating our 25 year anniversary this month! 
We have already celebrated this event with our employees during our corporate event in Blijdorp but we also want to share a little piece of history of DL Logistics Group with you.

On October 4th, 1998, Jan Dammes and Pieter Laban founded DL. It was then called Dammes Laban Logistics. The company consisted of a warehouse and a small office and was located on the Griekenlandweg in Bodegraven. There were approximately 10 employees.

You may know this warehouse now as DL Warehousing. Indeed, the current DL Warehousing is the first DL branch!

In 2005 the following branch was added: Dammes Laban Fruit Logistics. This branch is located in Bleiswijk. We now know this branch as DL Fresh Logistics. As the name suggests we are specialized in the storage and handling of fresh products here.

As Dammes Laban Logistics employed more and more employees and because more and more branches were added it was decided in 2008 to let the head office (Dammes Laban Group) support all the branches. Previously everything was arranged per location (invoicing, HR, etc.), but it worked more efficiently to consolidate those tasks.

In the same year we opened another branch: DL Freight Management Rotterdam BV located in Vlaardingen. This branch focused on the handling of sea freight and the storage of bulk goods.

In the first 10 years the Dammes Laban Group had already grown into a logistics company that could support customers in most logistics areas. An important logistics service in which we were not yet represented was customs services and air freight handling. That is why we opened a new branch located in Schiphol in 2010: DL Freight Management Amsterdam.

This was also the time to rethink our strategy. What started as a company with one warehouse and a small office was now a company with multiple branches and specialized in multiple areas. We decided to present ourselves as DL Logistics Group BV. Our logo was adjusted (to the logo we still use today) and a number of branches were given a new name that fit better into the whole. In addition the branches started to collaborate more with each other.

We now had representation represented in almost all logistical fields. The company grew and became more and more known. After a few years the longing for developing new services started again. What kind of service could we offer to expand our portfolio? In 2017 we have made up our mind: DL Transport was born. Where we previously arranged the transportation of sea freight containers via partners we could now also bring and collect these containers to the port ourselves.


Rates in container liner shipping almost at old levels: what does it mean for DL?

Container liner shipping rates have been falling since the end of the corona pandemic, according to the World Container Index (research firm Drewry). For example, the average price in June (2023) came in at $136. That is almost 80% less than a year ago.

This can be explained in part by the fact that transport demand decreased significantly after the corona pandemic. This is not surprising when you consider that turnover within the logistics sector in 2021 was on average 20% higher than in the same period in 2019. On top of that, supply chain disruptions have been reduced, normalizing container shipping and reducing delays.

For you as a customer is this good news

DL has a global network that allows transportation to almost anywhere in the world. On land, by sea or by air. Because container prices have dropped dramatically in recent months, we can facilitate your (container) transport even more competitively.

Rob Olbertz, Operational Director of DL Logistics Group, stated that “Fortunately, rates in containerized liner shipping have returned to reasonable normal levels and the craziness is over. We expect volatility to remain within reasonable margins in the coming period although it remains dependent on geopolitical influences and global economic developments. DL is keeping a close eye on spot rates so that we get the best deals for our customers.”

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‘DL drivers’ set performance in Zandvoort

Last weekend the F1 Dutch Grand Prix took place in Zandvoort. A rainy weekend, but with Dutch success by Max Verstappen, that. In addition to his incredible performance, DL also put in a performance this weekend in Zandvoort.

For the entire Grand Prix weekend DL drivers – colleagues – drove our refrigerated (race) cars in order to deliver food products for the F1 crew. Think about food and drinks for all the mechanics, technicians and marshals working around there. We received this request from Zenit Spedition Gmbh last Monday (August 21) and within three days we had already found enough DL drivers ready to drive these (time) rides. For four nights on row, two refrigerated trucks headed to the circuit for unloading in the paddock of the Grand Prix circuit. For the entire Grand Prix weekend DL drivers – colleagues – drove our refrigerated (race) cars in order to deliver food products for the F1 crew. Think about food and drinks for all the mechanics, technicians and marshals working around there. We received this request from Zenit Spedition Gmbh last Monday (August 21) and within three days we had already found enough DL drivers ready to drive these (time) rides. For four nights on row, two refrigerated trucks headed to the circuit for unloading in the paddock of the Grand Prix circuit.

Overall, a wonderful achievement in terms of flexibility and team spirit!


Why the quality and safety of your goods number one priority is for us

DL has high demands on the quality and safety standards of the goods stored that are stored in our warehouses. In all operations involving your goods, we are keen to meet the strictest requirements. In order for our services to remain meeting the strictest standards, for example, consider storing fruits and vegetables or transporting high value goods. In order for our services to remain compliant with these standards, various (independent) inspections take place every year. As a result, we have been proudly IFS, BRC, SKAL and Chain of Custody certified for many years. In addition on that, all our warehouses are bonded warehouses (IATA). This allows goods to be stored, handled or processed without having to pay import duties (again).

These certifications allow us to help you store goods as well as transport them. For example, we have more than 12,000m3 of cold storage! There is one thing very important for us: monitoring the quality of your goods.

Good to know: the temperature of the cold rooms will be monitored 24 hours a day. Should the temperature deviate once, effective measures are taken immediately.

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New location for DL Logistics Group BV

We are proud to announce that DL Logistics Group BV has a new location as of December 1, 2022! Our branch office DL Freight Management Amsterdam BV has moved to Hoofddorp. This ultra-modern building, close to Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport, allows us to serve our customers even better.

The need for a larger office and warehouse was great, as the number of customers and the number of shipments has increased significantly over the past few years.

With a warehouse of more than 2500m2 in this prime location, we can make great strides with DL.

Our new facility fits the times

DL has an answer to every logistics issue, where we also like to contribute to the issues that lie ahead in the field of sustainability. For example, the new building is gas-free, it runs on solar energy and we have ecologically sustainable walls, consisting of lots of greenery. In addition, it is equipped with all kinds of high-end benefits. For example, the warehouse is equipped with extra security so that all (high-value) goods are safe with us, but it is also more accessible for both visitors and truck drivers. Because Schiphol Airport is right next door, transit times are minimal.

In addition, from January 2023 the High-Value department will also move to this location. As a result, our flexibility in providing all kinds of logistics services for the entire DL Logistics Group has never been greater.


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Things to know about packaging vegetables and fruit

Packaging plays an important role in our daily lives. On average, every Dutch person opens about seven packagings a day. In this article we discuss several frequently asked questions about packaging vegetables and fruit.

In what ways can fresh produce be packaged?

Plastic is normally used, but bioplastic and paper are popular as well.

Why is plastic (still) so popular?

Fresh produce remains fresh longer when packaged in plastic. It’s because vegetables and fruit contain a lot of water, which they would easily lose when exposed to the outside air. As soon as a cucumber loss moisture, its freshness degrades as well as its taste. By packaging vegetables and fruit in plastic, this process is slowed.

Isn’t plastic bad for the environment?

Although plastic is regarded as bad for the environment, it is just as easy to recycle as paper, for instance. Plastic does not, however, break down on its own, which means we have to be aware of its use. Plastic does not belong in nature. Instead, it is to be separated in the trash.

What is the advantage of using paper as packaging?

A large advantage of paper is its versatility. It allows you to use any option in printing and shape.

Suppose I would like to use environmentally-friendly packaging, what do I choose?

Each packaging puts strain on the environment in one way or another. For example: a packaging made from paper may appear to be better for the environment than plastic. However, producing paper packaging requires more resources than the plastic variant of the same size. Looking at it from that perspective, paper is more harmful for the environment (woods in this case) than plastic.

What requirements does a packaging have in order to be used?

Packaging has to be safe for public health. No harmful substances from a packaging should end up in food. It also should not have influence on the taste, smell, color and solidity of the product.

What role does DL play in packaging fresh produce?

ur many years of experience in packaging fresh produce allow us to give you sound advice on it. We also have the option of providing your packaging with labels that contain the perishable date.

Besides suitable packaging and labels we also have space available to store your goods: safe, cooled and with the right certificates (including biological produce).

As you may have noticed by now: DL is ready and able to help you with every aspect of logistics when it comes to your fresh produce. Contact us for more information or to get acquainted.


Brexit. What now?

Transport between the UK and the EU is becoming increasingly difficult. You will be dealing with more customs procedures and waiting times. This will have consequences, e.g. for ‘just in time delivery’ and the transport of perishable goods.

Whatever form of Brexit it will be: it is almost certain that waiting times at the border will soon increase. Moreover many companies will be faced with all kinds of customs formalities for the first time, which will cost the sector extra time and investment. It is still uncertain who will have to pay these extra costs or how this should be calculated.

If you have any questions about Brexit and what this will mean for your company with regard to logistics, please contact us.


DL acquires Trade Packing

DL Fresh Logistics B.V. and Trade Packing Bleiswijk B.V. have been merged. This new combination can therefore offer a wider range of services.

DL Fresh Logistics, part of DL Logistics group, focuses mainly on the handling and storage of imported fruit, while Trade Packing was specialized in packaging and sorting of fruit and vegetables.

By merging DL Fresh Logistics and Trade Packing, a total supplier in ‘fruit and vegetables’ logistics has been created with an enormous amount of knowledge and experience.

“It has made both companies stronger” says Pieter Laban, director of DL Logistics Group. “Our customers are enthusiastic about the extra services we can now offer.”

Trade Packing has moved from Klappolder 123 to Klappolder 191-193 in Bleiswijk and thus moved into DL Fresh Logistics. “Our joint services complement each other perfectly. By having everything under one roof, we are able to make optimal use of this” says Colino Dimastrapasqua. “We have also opted to drop the Trade Packing brand name and continue as DL Fresh Logistics” says Colino. “As part of the DL Logistics Group the customer can optimally benefit from all the varied services that DL already has to offer, such as air and sea freight.