Brexit. What now?

Transport between the UK and the EU is becoming increasingly difficult. You will be dealing with more customs procedures and waiting times. This will have consequences, e.g. for ‘just in time delivery’ and the transport of perishable goods.

Whatever form of Brexit it will be: it is almost certain that waiting times at the border will soon increase. Moreover many companies will be faced with all kinds of customs formalities for the first time, which will cost the sector extra time and investment. It is still uncertain who will have to pay these extra costs or how this should be calculated.

If you have any questions about Brexit and what this will mean for your company with regard to logistics, please contact us.


DL acquires Trade Packing

DL Fresh Logistics B.V. and Trade Packing Bleiswijk B.V. have been merged. This new combination can therefore offer a wider range of services.

DL Fresh Logistics, part of DL Logistics group, focuses mainly on the handling and storage of imported fruit, while Trade Packing was specialized in packaging and sorting of fruit and vegetables.

By merging DL Fresh Logistics and Trade Packing, a total supplier in ‘fruit and vegetables’ logistics has been created with an enormous amount of knowledge and experience.

“It has made both companies stronger” says Pieter Laban, director of DL Logistics Group. “Our customers are enthusiastic about the extra services we can now offer.”

Trade Packing has moved from Klappolder 123 to Klappolder 191-193 in Bleiswijk and thus moved into DL Fresh Logistics. “Our joint services complement each other perfectly. By having everything under one roof, we are able to make optimal use of this” says Colino Dimastrapasqua. “We have also opted to drop the Trade Packing brand name and continue as DL Fresh Logistics” says Colino. “As part of the DL Logistics Group the customer can optimally benefit from all the varied services that DL already has to offer, such as air and sea freight.