Storage of organic products

Certified organic storage is required for the producers of organic products to be able to carry the important EKO-Quality Mark. DL has the required SKAL certificate to be able to offer organic storage. If you store your produce with us, they will retain their organic label. The quality is also guaranteed.

Organic Products are Hip

Organic products are growing in popularity. Not too long ago the EKO Quality Mark was launched  to guarantee the authenticity of these products to the consumer. Since 2010 there is also a European version of this. The EKO Quality Mark covers all rules that apply at European level, but also has additional conditions. Therefore, there are many products carrying two labels, both the European (with green leaves) and EKO Quality Mark. 

SKAL is the owner of the EKO-Quality Mark and maintains independent monitoring of organic production in the Netherlands. The organisation carries out random spot inspections and awards organic certification. 

DL for storing organic products

Not only is there strict rules for the manufacture of the products, but also for warehousing and transport.

Every logistic company that stores organic raw materials, half-produced and/or end products must be certified for this. Our warehouses in BleiswijkAmsterdam, Moerdijk, Bodegraven and Hazerswoude have the compulsory certificates in-house.

For a logistics organisation to qualify for a certificate, a comprehensive quality plan must be made. For example, DL had to demonstrate that organic products had A-Z traceability and that bulk products were transported in clean trucks.

This is what we stand for, this is what we do.

DL delivers customized logistics. We customize our workflow easily to meet your needs. In addition, we deal with your goods as if it were our own. If there is one sentence that reflects the heart of our business, it is, “This is what we stand for, this is what we do”.

We are a logistic Jack-of-all-trades and therefore offer not only storage for organic products, but have specialised warehouses for virtually all types of products and goods. We can also carry everything to the desired location by road, air and sea transport.

Are you new in the logistics field and need logistics advice? We will help you on your way. 

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