Air freight

Due to our IATA accreditation and international network of committed agents, the DL air freight services literally know no boundaries.

Fast, faster, fastest

If you have chosen the fastest method for sending your shipment, we realise that every minute counts. DL has been an air freight specialist for many years, and undertakes this task with pleasure.

DL – with the D for delivery

DL’s air freight service delivery qualifies as a 24-hour service, with a worldwide network, excellent information, keen pricing and – most importantly – employees who approach air freight as an interesting challenge. We make every effort to deliver the best assistance and information.

Ever thought of combining sea and air freight?

In addition to sea freight, DL has sea/air services to many countries. The sea/air service combines the best of air and sea freight. If your deadline is not going to be met using sea freight, the sea/air solution may be the answer; shorter transit times than for the sea option, and the costs are less than they would be with the air service. By offering the sea/air service, DL helps you to meet your deadlines as efficiently as possible.

Air-freighting special goods

DL is also just the company you need to air-freight your special goods, such as dangerous cargoes and perishables.


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