DL Fruit Logistics BV

DL Logistics Groups continues its expansion

To give shape to its continuing growth, DL Logistics Group BV will open a new location in Bleiswijk on October 1, 2023: DL Fruit Logistics BV. The new location will allow DL Logistics Group with its seven locations to offer an even broader range of services.

DL Fruit Logistics is specialized in fruit and vegetable storage, packing and repacking activities and labeling. With 5000 m2 of storage and 14 cold stores that are capable of cooling between -2 and 15 degrees Celsius, this expansion enables DL Logistics Group to serve even more customers in the fruit and vegetable sector. The new location is housed at Klappolder 170 in Bleiswijk. This is across from the other DL location specialized in the storage and handling of fruit and vegetable products, DL Fresh Logistics. DL Logistics Group, which includes DL Fruit Logistics, is active in logistics services with more than 100 employees. Storage and transhipment are among its core tasks. The head office and one warehouse are located on the Griekenlandweg in Bodegraven. DL Logistics Group also has locations in Hoofddorp, Vlaardingen, Bleiswijk and Roosendaal. In Hoofddorp and Vlaardingen, the company provides sea freight, air freight and customs activities in addition to storage and transshipment. Roosendaal is the home base of the drivers who daily transport containers to and from Rotterdam.

If you have any questions please contact Daniëlle Kok at contact@dl.nl.

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