This is what we stand for!

DL is a total supplier of logistics services. We can provide storage for all sorts of products and goods in specially designed warehouses. And we can also transport anything to a required location by road, air or sea. We are not the only logistics company able to supply this total package but we do believe we are unique in many ways.

The photograph of a strong man with his arms folded presents a clear picture of our business. Logistics means road freight vehicles, aircraft, container ships and storage spaces, many cubic metres in size. In other words, logistics is a formidable job for formidable men and women.

What makes DL what it is? 

The photograph says something else as well, namely, what we feel about our work. If there is one sentence that summarises the heart of our company then it’s: This is what we stand for, this is what we do.

The five points shown below summarise our company’s frame of reference for every logistic assignment we take on. 

  • We do not steer clear of challenges.
    We know that the responsibility for carrying out our customers’ instructions rests with us. Our aim is to do what we have promised, even if it sometimes means moving heaven and earth.
  • We do our very best to be reliable, to do what we say we’ve promised 
    Our work has a great deal to do with customer confidence. After all, our customers commit their valuable goods to our care. We make every effort to ensure that their confidence in us is not shaken.
  • We treat our customers’ goods as if they were our own 
    How should other people treat your possessions? That forms the basis of how we handle our customers’ goods.
  • We do everything possible to ensure that goods arrive when they are supposed to 
    Just in time! There are many factors which determine whether goods arrive precisely on time or not. A whole factory can grind to a halt if one ingredient is missing. We realise this, so we do everything possible to achieve what we have promised.
  • We help you seek the solutions that increase efficiency 
    For us, the relationship with a customer is one of collaboration; it is not merely a customer-supplier relationship. As partners, we can complement each other, and that is what we like to focus on.

Would you like to know more?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be glad to hear how we can help you and – as you can expect from us – we will help you look for the most efficient solutions.

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