Storage of dangerous goods

There are many strict regulations for storing dangerous goods.
DL has a large warehouse available that meets all safety requirements. In other words, we store your dangerous goods both safely and competently.

Strict procedures

Our employees know how to deal with dangerous goods with due regard for health and safety. Everyone has to follow our strict regulations and procedures. All such goods are stored according to the regulations described in the Dutch List of Dangerous Goods (PGS 15). 

Labelling dangerous goods

There are many types of dangerous goods. Some can explode, others are poisonous or form a health hazard. Some come into the category of environmentally dangerous or are irritants. All dangerous goods are required to be clearly labelled with the category to which they belong. If you do not yet have such labels, we can arrange for you to receive them.

Transport of dangerous goods

DL also takes care of the international transport of dangerous goods by road, air or sea. We work according to the ADR and IMDG legislation for transporting dangerous goods by road and sea.

Cross-docking of dangerous goods

One of our locations specialises in cross-docking dangerous goods. This enables us to deliver your products to their destination more quickly and more cheaply.


There are many types of dangerous goods. We are not allowed to store every single type so please contact us to find out how exactly we can help you.

Additional Services

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