Storage of chilled and deep-frozen products

One of our locations specialises in cold storage; in other words, the storage of chilled and deep-frozen products. You can be sure we handle your conditioned products both carefully and professionally.

Advantages of DL’s conditioned warehousing

  • We have over 12,000m3 (approx. 423,776 cu. ft.) available for storing chilled and deep-frozen goods. The cold store units vary in size from 36m2 to 180m2 (approx. 387 to 1937 sq. ft.), each unit being set at the required temperature. So, DL is also an interesting option for putting small quantities into cold storage.
  • Our units can accommodate roll containers, pallet boxes and various other storage structures.
  • The units can be fitted out in various ways; for example, with drive-on ramps, rollers, but also with extra high constructions for storage of horticultural products.
  • Our modern Warehouse Management System registers incoming and outgoing goods. Your products are fully traceable and your stock status is always up-to-date.
  • Our advanced computer system monitors the temperature of the refrigerated stores 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should the temperature change, an alarm goes off immediately and suitable measures are taken.
HACCP-Certificaat & VWA EG

Recognised and certified

DL has an HACCP certificate and, from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and the EU, the approval to store meat and fish and to be an inspection location for the import of fruit and vegetables. We also possess a bonded warehousing permit.


Please contact us for more information about storing chilled and deep-frozen products. Our employees would like to help you seek the best solutions for your storage requirements.

Additional Services

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It's getting cold outside! For many of the products we store, that's not a problem, but for some goods, a constant temperature is essential. That's why we have two locations, DL Coldstore and DL Fresh Logistics, with 10,000 m2 of conditioned storage in total, and temperatures ranging from -25 ºC to + 15 ºC. 

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