Six locations, One team

In the past, there were six independent branches of DL logistics companies, each with its own name, logo and website. In 2010, we made an important step, all the different names were replaced with one name: DL Logistics Group.

Now when I look at DL, I am very proud of it. Proud of where we are at this moment. From six different businesses with approximately 60 employees, we have managed to create a logistics Top team of more than 100 employees in the more recent years. And the result is clear to see.

Two years ago I looked admiringly at the team spirit of the European Championship football team of Iceland. I wrote in one of my blogs: "More and more I see the co-operation between the different branches and I see that they are suitable to serve the interests of the greater whole. This doesn’t give us the short-term results you have in football, but in the long term, which will definitely be fruitful. Happy and proud! "

While the football team from Iceland has not progressed beyond the quarter-finals, we have with our logistics team arrived at the main stage. We now take our diversity of services, flexibility and team spirit to a unique level in the Netherlands. When I look around, I can see no other company that can and does the same as what we are doing; with a passion for ensuring that company’s products are safe and trusted to us to be stored securely, in accordance with the (sometimes unusual) wishes they have.

The photo you see below was created during one of our corporate events. On such a day, I see all the employees together and I fully enjoy the moment. Together they form the logistical star team that makes it possible, to do what we do.

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