It is sometimes important to ensure that goods reach their destination as quickly as possible. A good example would be the fresh products that need to be delivered to supermarkets. The cross-docking offered by DL is the answer here.

Immediate unloading, reloading and delivery

Cross-docking means your freight arrives at our premises, is immediately unloaded and then reloaded in such a way that every part of the shipment reaches its destination without delay.
The advantages:

  • Your goods do not have to go into storage first, so they become available more quickly.
  • You avoid unnecessary storage costs.

Cross-docking: is this for you?

Cross-docking could be profitable for you; it just depends on your situation. DL would be very willing to discuss this with you. Do you have goods in Frankfurt that need to be shipped to China? If so, it may be cheaper to collect the goods in Frankfurt as return cargo and then to transfer them to a container. DL can arrange this for you from start to finish.

Cross-docking dangerous goods – a DL specialism

One of our locations specialises in cross-docking dangerous goods. We ensure your dangerous goods reach their destination more quickly and more cheaply.

Groupage trailers UK and Russia

Groupage trailers travel daily and/or weekly to various destinations in the UK and Russia. Unloading takes place rapidly and the costs are lower.


Please contact us if you would like more information about cross-docking or groupage trailers. Our employees will be pleased to help you seek the best solution to suit your requirements.

Additional Services

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