A kick out of complex cases

My name is Ronny and I come from Almere. I started working at DL in 2010. I work at our location DL Freight Management Amsterdam as Office Manager and Customs Manager.

In my position I am involved in a lot of air freight handling and customs matters. What I enjoy about this job is the challenge of ensuring that both the customer and the customs are satisfied, not always easy as the rules are continually getting stricter. You have to continuously update your knowledge to make sure you keep up with the facts.

Besides customs matters, I am also involved in our certifications and operational cases. I get a kick out of looking at complex cases with colleagues and customers and coming up with a solution.

My work is very challenging and every day is different.  I am actually a Jack of all trades within DL.

We are happy to help you further

If you contact us and need a quote or more information, you will be able to speak to Sabine (with the curls) or Danielle, both of them have years of logistics experience and know exactly what the possibilities are at DL. They will be happy to help you further.