For all the proceedings related to your goods, we want to meet the most stringent requirements. Therefore, we attach great importance to the certificates of AEO, SKAL, HACCP and BRC. But what do all these terms mean? We have listed them here for you.


Locations with AEO

  • DL Freight Management (Rotterdam)
  • DL Freight Management (Amsterdam)
  • DL Coldstore
  • DL Transport

AEO stands for Authorized Economic Operator and is a certificate issued by Customs to companies that operate internationally. A company with an AEO certificate has a number of advantages in international trade, such as:

  • Fewer physical and document audits
  • Priority audits
  • The holder of a certificate may ask for an audit at a particular location to take place


Locations with SKAL

Organic products are growing in popularity. Not too long ago the EKO Quality Mark was launched to guarantee the authenticity of these products to the consumer. There also a European version of this, since 2010. The EKO Quality Mark covers all rules that apply at European level, but it also has additional conditions. Therefore, there are many products carrying two labels, both the European (with green leaves) and EKO Quality Mark.

SKAL is the owner of the EKO-Quality Mark and maintains independent monitoring of organic production in the Netherlands. The organisation carries out random spot inspections and awards organic certification.


Locations with BRC

Where HACCP standards focus particularly on the production, BRC is more focused on the environment of the production. These are for example the factory halls and spaces where goods are stored or repackaged. All these areas must meet the requirements of the BRC standard.

The BRC standard sets requirements not only for quality management and environmental conditions, but also the maintenance of safe process controls, staff training and personal hygiene. This goes a bit further than the HACCP certification.

The various elements of the BRC standard are reviewed annually based on a comprehensive checklist of more than 300 control points. Within a BRC certification there are different degrees. DL Logistics Group is certified to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (version 6) level A. This is the highest level within the BRC label.

IFS Food Certificate

Locations with IFS

Stand for what we do

The management board of DL Logistics Group consists of Rick, Ron, Rob and Pieter (see photo from left to right). Together with our branch managers, they manage more than a hundred employees.

There is one sentence that sums up what our goal is, and that is, we stand for what we do. We see keeping our promises and offering the best quality and service as the foundation of our company.

We are happy to help you further

If you contact us and need a quote or more information, you will be able to speak to Sabine (with the curls) or Danielle, both of them have years of logistics experience and know exactly what the possibilities are at DL. They will be happy to help you further.