Looking back on the first week of our World Cup Pool

Well, we've had the first week of the World Cup already! We especially enjoyed the first match the Dutch played, with our very own Superman Van Persie and superfast Robben providing the most memorable moments. Of course, Germany, Mexico and Chile played convincingly as well. In contrast to Spain (already out of the competition), Argentina (Messi isn't the second Maradona after all) and the Brazilians (who haven't begun strongly).

We’ve also noticed a few surprises in our own Pool, as well as some disappointments. If we look at the last seven positions in our ranking, we see the following names: 

  • dlmichael (380)
  • kathy (360)
  • romashka (340)
  • anonymous (215)
  • moustafa (200)
  • mogli (95)
  • colin (75)

Most of them have ended up so low down because they forgot to predict the final result a few days ago. Understandable, but of course a real shame. So, don't forget to fill in today all the matches for the coming period. Then you'll be certain you won't forget anything and you won't lose any valuable points.

Anonymous appears to be consciously fighting to come in last by thinking up amusing scores for each match. Who knows, this could be a very clever strategy! It goes without saying that you'll never win the prize for last position if you filled in hardly any results – like Colin, Moustafa and Mogli.

Our World Cup cream cake winners
The following participants have received the first few prizes in this Pool because they successfully guessed match scores:

  • Melissa
  • FCDenHaag
  • jeraadhetnooit
  • pfreporter
  • Mauricehonselaar
  • Pavel
  • RonaldoS
  • KavaZa
  • SyeS
  • Michael_Sanders
  • johnny_the_fox
  • MvdV
  • FerryKik

Congratulations! You will all receive one of our World Cup Cakes tomorrow or after the weekend. Let us know if it went down well!

Don't hesitate to mail us at wk@dl.nl if you have any questions about this Pool.

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