Brrrrrrrr... Isn’t it cold!

31.10.2011 It's getting cold outside! For many of the products we store, that's not a problem, but for some goods, a constant temperature is essential.

That's why we have two locations, DL Coldstore and DL Fresh Logistics, with 10,000 m2 of conditioned storage in total, and temperatures ranging from -25 ºC to + 15 ºC.

Deep freeze facilities don’t pose that much of a challenge. As long as we make sure the products are stored at -20 ºC, everything is fine. The real challenge lies in chilling. Someone once said to me: "Chilling is for the professionals!" And that's absolutely right, but there isn’t a course of studies for this profession. You learn the hard way – by doing it. After about 20 years of doing, we have no hesitation in calling ourselves experts.

One degree makes a difference

The chilling process operates between temperatures of -2ºC and +15ºC. A difference of just 1° can have an enormous effect on a product. That’s why our cells are fitted out with automatic alarm systems which immediately alert us to a failure in the cooling installation. We can take direct action from any location, and ensure the temperature remains constant.

The importance of good ventilation

Temperature is important but there are other factors, such as the adequate ventilation that some products require. They need a constant airstream through and between the pallets. 

Some types of fruit make ethylene, a gas that ensures they ripen. However we do not want this gas in our storage areas because our customers hope to be able to store their fruit for long periods. So, we extract the ethylene gas in order to slow down the ripening process.

Careful placing of products next to each other

Because there is such a wide range of product characteristics, the positioning of goods in storage cannot be done at random. One product may have a negative effect on another. For example, some are less resilient to ethylene. Just imagine what might happen if we place a vulnerable product next to one that produces large amounts of ethylene...

Hundreds of different products, each requiring special storage treatment; that makes our work complex but also fascinating! And that is the reason we have 22 different cells varying in capacity from 20 to 800 pallets. This, and extremely experienced personnel, allows us to be both specialised and flexible. And I believe that is exactly what is needed in logistics.

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