Attention! We will not turn a blind eye

Building a good reputation takes a lot of time and energy. Every day we work very hard to ensure that we are able to be an efficient and reliable logistics partner for our customers. We are well aware that the time that we put into this pays off. Our company name calls up a positive responses and new customers join us because they have heard good reports about us. We are of course very pleased about this.

No time for criminal goods

It comes to our attention that this also has a downside, organisations that we do not particularly want as customers can also find us. A logistics partner with a good reputation is very useful if you want to store illegal goods.

Even though we do everything we can to keep the organisations that want to use us for illegal affairs out of our business, some do unfortunately slip through. We may find narcotics in pallets, or get requests that if we cooperated with them it would mean that we would be committing fraud with import duties or VAT.

Reliable on all levels

Within our company we have a zero tolerance policy in this area. When we notice that things are not correct we will immediately notify the authorities. If government authorities approach us, for example, to search a storage space, we will always cooperate.

We consider it very important to be reliable at all levels of our organisation. This does not mean that we only keep our focus on logistics and attention on the goods of our customer but that we also want to be sure that our logistic processes are legally correct.

We do not want to focus our attention and channel our energy into activities that are of no advantage to our fantastic company. So, if you are looking for a logistics partner who will conveniently turn a blind eye, then it is not us you are looking for, we don’t and won’t do that!  

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